Step 1 – Take a deep breath!


We likely have a product that works for you, we just have to understand a little more about you first and then match your needs to our products.

Let me explain.  We have three products:



Team Custom is a set of base designs that we apply your colors, team name, and logo to.  The beauty in the process is how simple it is compared to how amazing your team will look.  Each design is available in all of our garments giving you maximum flexibility for how you’ll look and feel about your team.  Because our base designs cover a wide range of styles and tastes most teams find what they’re looking for in this group.  You can begin the process for Team Custom orders via email to


While most clubs find their look within the Team Custom offerings, some want to go the extra step and create a truly unique design just for them.  Our designers job is to bring your vision to life.  The upside is you’ll be the only team in the world to look like you do.  The downside is the design process adds time and cost.  You can begin the process for Complete Design orders via email to



If your an individual that’s wanting to up your style on or off the mat our retail section is for you.  All of our products are made to order and give you the option of personalizing your garment.  While some teams do use retail designs and order online, most find the options a little too restricted for their teams taste.  You can begin the order process for Team Custom orders online via the retail builders.